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Deep Sea Fishing

Two years ago, my dad took me on a fishing trip at Steveston, BC and it was the best experience I’ve ever shared with him. I missed the trip last year due to my summer in India, so I was determined to make it this year. I even scheduled our Europe trip a bit late, so I could accompany my dad and his colleagues from BCCDC, and it was just as amazing as I had remembered.

BC’s natural beauty is hard to capture, but I tried my best. It was the sunniest day, with clear skies, eagles soaring overhead. A couple minutes out into the water, and we were greeted by loud, honking sea lions. First, Captain George took us out to where he laid his crab and shrimp traps. We were in luck as both sets of traps were full, and we all got to have deliciously prepared seafood right on the boat (and take some home!). Then, it was time to fish for rock cod and sole. I caught 2 rock cod, and about 12 sole - fishing for the sole was ridiculous, it’s like they wanted to get caught.

Since I’ll be moving away at the end of the summer, I’m really glad my dad and I got to spend this time together. Nothing like bonding in the middle of the ocean, with a prawn in each hand, and the salty air messing up your hair.

Fresh Seafood at Pike’s Place Market
Seattle, WA

Fresh Seafood at Pike’s Place Market

Seattle, WA

We ate at some great places during our NYE 2012 trip to seattle, but two restaurants really stood out:

1. Serious Pie

Asif and I were both a little apprehensive when we read that Serious Pie doesn’t use any sauce in their pizza, but we decided to go anyways because everybody raved about it. It definitely did not disappoint. Instead of pizza sauce, the chefs sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on their dough (made in-house), and bake it in a their apple-wood burning oven right in front of you! It was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had (sorry Megabite!)

2. Elliot’s Oyster House on Pier 56

Seattle is known for their amazing oysters, which you can pick up at Pike’s Place market (post coming soon!). The best place to have oysters served to you however, would be Elliot’s. With a gorgeous view of the marina, amazing service and their huge array of sustainable oyster choices, we didn’t mind going there two nights in a row.

So if you’re ever in the downtown Seattle area, be sure to check these places out!

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Returning to the Scene

When we were looking for a venue for our wedding reception, we stumbled on Monk McQueen’s by pure luck. It wasn’t on my list of places to see because I thought we couldn’t afford it. On a whim, my dad and I decided to have lunch there one day and spoke to Robin - the event’s coordinator. He showed us the upstairs venue and it was breathtaking. Perfectly Vancouver. I was sad to walk away due to our budget, but Robin was amazing and accommodated our request. The reception was beautiful, the food and service was unbelievable, but there was one thing that didn’t go my way.

Robin worked with us to create a custom wedding menu, and we chose amazing appetizers to be circulated amongst our guests: Seared Ahi Tuna with Black Bean Lime Aoli and Smoke Salmon Crisps with Goat cheese and Dill. But, on the day of the reception, I was so incredibly nervous about the dinner going smoothly, I couldn’t keep anything down. So I didn’t get to have -any- of the appetizers (tragedy, I know). Every time I spoke to one of our wedding guests, they said “Those appetizers were the best! I had 5 or 6 of them!”, “Oh my goodness, you didn’t have ANY?! They were the best part!”. Every. Single. Person. A week or two later, Asif and I looked at the Monk’s menu online but saw that those appetizers were only available on the catering menu. Well, that was that. I forgot about the matter. But Asif didn’t.

So on Friday night, during what I thought was going to be a regular “date night” dinner, I hear Asif say to the waiter, “Is everything ready?”. “Yup, it’s all good”. Two minutes later, the exact same appetizers from our wedding show up at the table! As it turns out, Asif had called a few days earlier and put in this request. Not only did Monk’s make a special arrangement to get all of the ingredients, they were on the house! - something Asif wasn’t expecting either. The rest of the food was spectacular as usual. As we ate our dinner and watched the downtown skyline turn from dusk to dark, I knew we chose the perfect place for our reception. Thanks Monk McQueen’s, we’ll be back soon!